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Color Me Impressed: Keeping Office Furniture in Fort Collins in Vogue

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: January 14, 2015

Colors lend vibrancy to anything and everything people see in their everyday lives; without color, sights would be simply lifeless. Colors can enhance the appeal of some items and/or locations, and that is why there is a huge market for custom paints to suit the color preferences of individuals. So powerful is the language of color that people use it on occasion to embody certain feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

A feature on the ABC News website dated December 4, 2014 details how the famous color corporation, Pantone, boldly declared that the color to look out for the year 2015 would be Marsala. Marsala is best described as an earthy red, similar in hue to the wine that shares its name. The color evokes a natural and sophisticated feel, and has limitless applications in fashion, industrial design, interiors, and even furnishings. The company came to this conclusion after analyzing color influences from around the globe, across different industries such as entertainment and fashion.

Even if your office has little to no place for frilly fashion, you can still introduce some Marsala into the workplace to spruce things up. A little paint here and there, and your office space could take on the stylish shade. Those who would prefer something a little more discreet could instead opt for office furniture in Fort Collins that are already colored in Marsala. Such furniture make great accent pieces in workplaces that normally look too sterile and pale.

Outfitting an office to look trendy and hip can be a lot harder than it sounds. It requires a good eye for style and a creative mind to make a good job of it instead of producing a horrible mishmash. Painting several rooms in Marsala and grabbing appropriately-colored office furniture in Fort Collins, CO will not be enough to make a space that works. Considerations for an office’s ergonomics and functionality need to be made so that workers do not end up complaining about poor and loud color choices.

Businesses might want to hire the services of office workplace management companies such as Pear Workplace Solutions. Such companies are sure to have a wealth of office space design ideas that both allow better workflow and sport desired styles. If you want a Marsala-infused office space, they are the people you will want to see.

(Source: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 Is Marsala,, Dec. 4, 2014)