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Curved Office Furniture in Fort Collins Promote Positive Emotions

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: December 5, 2014

Spread the word: curves are definitely in for office furniture. Several studies have proven that curved or rounded furniture tend to catch attention more than angular or straight designs. The latest study related to this phenomena, as reported by Sally Augustin, Ph.D. for Psychology Today, shows that curved furniture seems more comfortable and beautiful than angular ones:

In a complex study done with fMRI machines, Vartanian and his research team found that participants found predominantly curvilinear spaces (i.e., ones where there were more curvy lines in the furniture, wall paper etc., than straight ones) more beautiful and pleasant than more rectilinear ones (these are spaces where straight lines, for example, are more plentiful than curved ones).

Research done with pictures shows that we think that furniture that has a more organic look and more rounded forms is more relaxing than more angular designs. Often cited investigation, by Dazkir and Read (“Furniture Forms and Their Influence on Our Emotional Responses Toward Interior Environments,” Environment and Behavior), is consistent with a long line of studies indicating that people generally feel differently about things that are rounded as opposed to more angular.

This study merely adds to the numerous studies conducted regarding the psychological effect of curved furniture. Another study, conducted by the Oregon State University, showed that these kinds of furniture made the subjects of the survey, mostly students, feel happier, calmer, and more sociable. These positive emotions are vital to a workplace, since these can help boost a person’s creativity and productivity. Moreover, buying rounded or curvy office furniture in Fort Collins can trigger more activity in brain regions connected with aesthetic appreciation and reward.

It is said that rounded furniture are generally more comfortable because they tend to follow the contours of the human body. Even the Chinese practice of feng shui advocates the use of curved furniture to promote a sense of movement and lets energy flow inside a room.

Round tables, on the other hand, are also beneficial in promoting a sense of camaraderie among co-workers. A separate study has shown that sitting in circles can provoke a collective mindset, similar to King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. On the practical side, curved furniture lessens your risk of bumping your knee or elbow onto a sharp edge.

Companies such as Pear Workplace Solutions has you covered when it comes to furniture pieces with their wide array of products to choose from. It is not enough, however, that you fill your workspace with curved office furniture in Fort Collins, CO; proper interior designing and arrangement could also spell the difference between a conducive workplace and a boring one.

(Source: Curvier Seems More Beautiful and More Comfortable, Psychology Today)