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Dealer Services

Pear Workplace Solutions offers a wealth of services that can help boost the efficiency of its clients’ workplaces. On top of providing office furniture to businesses based in areas such as Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, CO, we specialize in designing office furniture layouts, installing furniture, reconfiguring layouts, managing and storing fixtures, trading-in fittings, and many other services. Allow us to further maximize your office space and improve the way you work. Our dealer services include:

Design Support/Project Management

We have a distinct and proven proprietary project delivery system that allows us to effectively allocate resources and carry out the furniture layouts envisioned by your office’s architect. This service goes beyond the initial installation, and works to ensure that your facility is fitted with the right furniture on time.


Our certified installation specialists will make sure that your facilities are adequately equipped with high-quality furniture. With experience and state-of-the-art tools at hand, our team will skillfully set up the chosen fittings while being mindful of local codes and regulations.


Pear Workplace Solutions does not just offer its clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins office furniture; the company also offers an extensive customer service program for office fixture movement, additions, and changes. If you need to change things up in your workplace, you can rely on us to get the job done.


If you are planning on moving from one office to another, then you might need a place to store your equipment while the transition finalizes. We have storage space for your inventories, and we can track and handle your items until you need them once again.


Has your old furniture seen better days? Trade in your aged fittings for some of our new furniture, and update the look and feel of your workplace.

Multi-Location Service

Due to the transition needs of our clients, we saw fit to expand our network and influence nationwide to provide workplace solutions wherever our clientele may be. We keep in touch with dealers and installation companies all across the continent to ensure that you are getting our quality services regardless of your location.


Do you need new office furniture despite your severely limited budget? Pear can help you secure the furniture you need through flexible financial solutions. Get the furniture you need now, and worry about the payments later.

Pear Workplace Solutions provides office furniture-related services to clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, CO. For more information on our furniture catalogs or our services, visit our Contact Us page or call 303-824-2000.