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Denver Office Furniture Supplier Carries Haworth’s File Drawer Insert

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: August 26, 2014

In today’s offices, multitasking is the name of the game. It’s not only employees who should be pulling double duty, though; file drawers should, too. That’s why Pear Workplace Solutions, a leading dealer of office furniture in Denver, is proud to offer Haworth’s innovative File Drawer Insert.
The File Drawer Insert is a six-inch compartment that snaps across a lateral cabinet akin to a loft, thus instantly creating two storage spaces where there was only one before. If you want to access the lower compartment, the insert can be easily recessed so you can grab what you need below.
If you want to create more space inside cabinets, the File Drawer Insert also comes in a deluxe option that includes three dividers, one drawer line, and one personal device tray. Yes, you can now charge your tablet or smartphone in the safety of your file cabinet’s confines! This is all thanks to grommets and cord inserts that allow hassle-free plugging of chargers into power outlets.
Both standard and deluxe models are also compatible with Haworth’s hanging accessories, such as the mini shelf and pencil cup. The File Drawer Insert comes in two stylish colors: smoke and accent red. This nifty add-on is compatible with the 12-inch body of Haworth’s X & V Series and 950 Files drawer lines.
If your company’s filing cabinets aren’t making the most efficient use of space, Haworth’s File Drawer Insert is the space-maximizing solution you need. Whether you want to store gadgets, pens, tennis shoes, glasses, calculators, etc. in a lateral cabinet, this ingenuous solution will create all the room you’ll need.
Want to see this product in action? Then simply visit: Haworth has commissioned award-winning still-life photographer Jim Golden to capture all the things you could fit into one drawer using the File Drawer Insert.
Better yet, why not visit our showroom at 1515 Arapahoe St. to test the product in person? While you’re there, you can also take a look at our other product offerings. We sell everything from storage solutions to office furniture, and even architectural products like modular walls. With our manufacturing partnerships with Lacasse, Gunlocke, and Haworth, you’re sure to find the perfect Denver office furniture at our showroom.