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Free Consult on Optimizing Office Furniture in Denver for Efficiency

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: July 03, 2014

Learn how you can re-layout your office furniture in Denver to improve work performance and team cohesion
New office concept – totally free!

Pear Workplace Solutions, one of the leading providers of office furniture in Denver, is ready to help you boost corporate efficiency with a FREE Workplace Optimization Consult. This ongoing promo shows you how you can maximize space and organizational setup to create a more productive and effective office layout.

Our workplace consultation service focuses on evaluating your work space against your business’ actual needs. We can show you where to maximize open areas and eliminate hindrances. The consultation will also be your chance to do away with old equipment and replace them with new office furniture from Denver, Colorado suppliers.

Take a look at your office, with all of your employees out and about on various tasks. There’s a chance that some of the office spaces are not used to their full capacity. In a modern-day work environment, virtual office systems are part of the norm, and managers are pushing for the use of just enough space to suit the size of the on-site manpower pool. We can help companies design compact office setups.

Change is essential when you are streamlining your company into a leaner, more effective unit. Make it happen by checking out now!
  • Free consultation on how to optimize your workplace.
  • Consultation may include:
    • Explanation of the design process, from initial site visit/measurement, ordering of product, to project management and installation.
    • Showing the value of an efficient work space, through productivity and spatial analysis.
    • Helping the client determine actual needs in a work space, as opposed to what they are used to.
  • Key benefits of the consultation: Tips for refreshing existing layout, evaluating office ergonomics, donating or recycling used office furniture, assisting in relocation or reconfigures
  • Promo is ongoing.
  • One coupon per customer only.
  • For more details, log on to or call (303) 824-2000.