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Liven Up Open Floor Plans with Office Furniture from Fort Collins Firm

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: August 29, 2014

Business owners have long been weighing the pros and cons of open office floor plans compared to closed ones. The main difference between the two lies in the utilization of cubicles and partitions for closed office plans, as described by contributor Nick Davis in an article for
From arranging cubicles to placing employees in an office, office layout is a major part of any business including home-based and large corporations. One type of office layout is an open plan that places employees in one area instead of in individual offices or other structures. The layout plan may include desks, tables and workbenches as well as other structures like filing cabinets, computer tables and equipment.
If executed correctly by workspace design firms that supply the appropriate office furniture in Fort Collins, an open floor plan does offer several unique advantages, some of which are as follows:

Lower cost of doing business
As the term suggests, an open office floor plan literally puts everyone in one room without dividers or walls. Since open floor plans don’t require partitions, the company will save a lot in terms of construction, materials, and labor. Instead of maintaining several individual spaces, the company only needs one large area which translates into lower utility bills.
Face to face
With everyone in a single location, communication is easier than in closed office plans. And when it’s easier to communicate, teamwork is fostered. Also, supervisors will be able to keep an eye on subordinates and not hide behind a closed door or cubicle:
Supervisors are able to work directly with the employees as a group and call a meeting right in the open plan office. This saves time and resources since the supervisor does not have to reserve or find a conference room or other meeting place.
Get versatile after a while
The best thing about open office plans is the ability to adjust or change the layout without stopping work, say during promotions or addition of personnel. With modular office furniture from Fort Collins, CO design companies like Pear Workplace Solutions, changing or rearranging your office floor plan can be done before one can say “Break time’s over!”
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