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Oil Prices May Affect Your Colorado Springs Office Furniture Choices

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: October 3, 2014

Oil prices have been taking one nosedive after another as a result of a decreased demand and increased supply. In the U.S., where the shale boom has contributed to a dip in oil prices, the national average per gallon is expected to recede below $3 by spring. This despite internal strife in major oil-producing countries like Syria, Libya, and Iraq.

A per-gallon price of $2.99 is clearly a far cry from Christopher Steiner's prediction of $20 by 2020, but a lot can still happen within six years. Only time will tell if the book, aptly named "$20 Per Gallon," will prove prophetic.

A correlation between oil prices and workplace conditions isn't as farfetched as it seems; you just have to delve really deep. Should oil prices reach the point of exorbitance, people will rely on remote communications more than ever. Why travel several kilometers when your client is just a Skype away?

This also signifies a transition to eco-friendly measures in terms of office design. Offices may invest in newer hardware and software systems to help them achieve their goal of going paperless. Accommodating more equipment, however, will require a major redesign of the modern office.

Benching systems may pick up in the next few years as more offices look toward having a more modular setup. Long and big tables can be shared by small teams and customized to divide workspaces if necessary. Colorado Springs office furniture dealers such as Pear Workplace Solutions have various benching systems for sale.

One long table can be allotted to, say, 10 people rather than giving them a desk each. The savings can be allocated toward more important expenses such as utilities and investments, thereby helping keep the business afloat. Such a small yet efficient office space also leaves a smaller carbon footprint, an important asset to have in an environmentally-conscious world.

When you think about it, oil prices definitely have an impact not only on workplace conditions but in everything people do. The list of relationships is too long to mention, but surely you get the picture. If you need to respond to your office's changing needs, a reputable Colorado Springs office furniture provider will be there to help you out.

(Source: "Oil Prices Fall, and the Global Economy Wins," Bloomberg Businessweek, September 29, 2014)