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Optimizing Employee Productivity with Good Office Furniture in Denver

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: August 28, 2014

Having an office with a large amount of space is a good thing. Having an office with complete facilities and updated technology is even better. But if all of these are crammed in your office, you’ll end up with a very claustrophobic workplace for your people, which might even hinder your company from reaching its full potential.
Creating an office environment that is both relaxing and work-inducing should be a priority of your business. Julia Gifford of DeskTime shared the importance of renovating your office environment and suggested several aspects of an office that need to be improved:
There are three areas you want to focus on when it comes to a workspace and increased productivity: furniture, lighting, and company culture.
  • Office Furniture: When it comes to office furniture, a productive business needs more than desks, computers and office chairs. If you want to reduce the amount of time wasted during the work day, choosing the right pieces of office furniture can help you do just that.
  • Lighting: Lighting in an office is debatable as some suggest little lighting keeps individuals focused while others argue that well-lit spaces increase productivity.
  • Company Culture: From snacks to “Happy Hour Fridays” and quarterly events, your office needs to have a culture. Open communications about the values and goals of a company can increase the likelihood your new hires will fit with the company culture you’ve already established.
Based on the abovementioned factors, furniture does seem to play a large role in an office environment, as they are the physical elements that provide convenience and comfort to your workers. A recent innovation called STAKS benching, which can be configured to accommodate various work styles and storage needs, is a good example of optimizing the workplace for productivity purposes. Be sure to visit shops selling office furniture in Denver to see more fixture options.
When you’re done searching for the right Denver office furniture, focus next on your office lighting. Installing a system that provides a greater amount of natural lighting can help workers avoid future health problems like headaches and eye strains. Good lighting will also help your employees see better, improving their productivity as well as the quality of their output.
Of course, simply providing good furniture and lighting will not be enough. Most importantly, you should strive to make your place a community where everyone can be themselves and work in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, a good office is one that houses happy and motivated employees.
(Source: Can an Office Environment Really Affect Productivity?, DeskTime)