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Partner Company of Denver Office Furniture Launches Bluescape Software

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: September 19, 2014

Our main manufacturer, Haworth launched Bluescape, a collaborative workspace software that aims to revolutionize the way a company works. Bluescape provides a platform for a company to freely share ideas, media, and documents in real-time, thereby further expediting the decision-making process. We at Pear Workplace Solutions cannot be more pleased and excited with this development, as this fits in nicely with our partnership’s initiative to improve the office experience with systematic workplace solutions and quality office furniture in Denver.
Bluescape was conceptualized in 2006 during a strategic review of their portfolio. Since then, Haworth has partnered with the award-winning technology studio Obscura Digital to create a seamless, simultaneous, and interactive way to bridge team members wherever they are in the world.
These four distinct features describe this innovative software best:
Visual Collaborative Workspace
Bluescape was intended to provide an interactive workspace for the team members to quickly share their ideas using their devices. It can also be used to communicate with other team members in real-time through a device capable of connecting to the Internet. This solution minimizes instances of frequent inefficient meetings and business travels. Collaboration has never been this futuristic.
Project Management and Product Development
When designing a new product, the convenience Bluescape can provide will be the new trend in project management. The team can easily contribute ideas and formulate suggestions right on the spot, while the rest of the team does the edits and revisions. No more waiting for some time to check how the product is developed; members can immediately see their vision come to life.
Multi-Touch Display and Multi-User Workspace
One good thing about Bluescape is that it can be accessed easily in almost anything that has a screen on it. You can access a project using your smartphone even when you’re home spending time with your family. Members of your team can simultaneously access the team project, allowing for more collaboration and more productivity for the team.
Cloud-Based Collaboration Technology
Using today’s cloud technology commonly used by other innovative companies, you can experience a seamless collaboration experience using Bluescape. The software can easily handle simultaneous access of team projects with its intuitive multi-user SaaS interface. Team members working at home or during vacations can easily share their ideas or feedback rushing to get back to the office.
Bluescape is looking to revolutionize how we work, and we at Pear Workplace Solutions encourage you to try this amazing software in your company. Coupled with the best Denver office furniture, your working experience will be more productive and more fun than before.