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Picking Colorado Springs Office Furniture and Designs to Suit Gen Y

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: September 18, 2014

Are you planning to redesign your office? Have you thought of what kinds of Colorado Springs office furniture you’re going to incorporate in the design? If you don’t have any concrete ideas yet, you might want to evaluate the profiles of your employees to see what type of office space suits their preferences.

Keeping Millennials in Mind

Today’s offices are mostly filled with young professionals who belong to the so-called Generation Y, or millennials. In an article for ArchDaily, Michael O'Neill, senior research strategist for Haworth, shares his thoughts on designing for this group:
In the past five years or so, we’ve seen the traditional office—the Dilbert world of fixed cubicles, all lined up in numbing monotony—begin to disappear. We have left the Baby Boomer era of office design behind and are well on our way into the work world of Generation Y. Part of this change is due to how rapidly technology has untethered us from traditional office space. But change has also been driven by the preferred work style of Generation Y, which is much more collaborative and motivated by the need for social connection. At the office, they demand choice—over the location of their work and the options of spaces to use.

These attributes gave birth to the trend of flexible spaces– one that blends work and play. Unlike the traditionally rigid and orderly workspaces, millennials thrive in a more laidback and cozy environment. The lines between their own private space and a communal area for all may be muddled. However, this promotes collaboration and collective thinking, which only maximizes their creativity.

If you will be designing offices for Gen Y employees, you can try bold and bright ideas that are attractive to the group. Try transforming meeting rooms into one with a café ambiance, or build an open space plan with easily movable seats for workstations. Make sure they have a desk and storage spaces that can accommodate their computers, gadgets, and other belongings. See if you can add a recreation area or lounge where employees can relax during breaks.

Companies like Pear Workplace Solutions carry a comprehensive array of new and used Colorado Springs office furniture that can be used to form a millennial-friendly design. By doing so, you can create a healthy and productive work environment for your valuable employees.

(Source: How Will We Design The Offices of the Future?, ArchDaily, September 6, 2014)