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Providers of Office Furniture in Denver Welcome Interior Design Legend

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: January 20, 2015

Denver, Colorado (January 20, 2015) – Pear Workplace Solutions, a  recognized provider of office furniture in Denver, along with Haworth and the International Interior Design Association’s Rocky Mountain Chapter, welcomed international design legend, Giulio Cappellini, last December 2, 2014 as he gave a short seminar on contemporary interior design. The event was held at the RNL firm in Denver.

Cappellini also spoke about his life experiences, from his humble beginnings in 1979 to the current make-up of his company. He also talked about his love for traveling around the world and discovering talented designers and gorgeous products he believes would be a good fit for the Cappellini brand. The seminar concluded with Cappellini promising to return to Colorado in the future.

Giulio Cappellini is acknowledged as a living legend in design communities around the world. His lectures at the Milan Architecture University always generate great interest from both design students and professionals.

The lecture conducted by Cappellini is more than just a tribute to his unique vision and his career accomplishments. Design itself has become more important than ever in today’s modern world.

Over the years, multiple studies have been conducted to see how the overall design of office spaces help improve the productivity and workplace satisfaction of employees. Apart from the design and theme, choosing the appropriate Denver office furniture also works wonders in boosting productivity.

Apart from choosing high-quality furniture, offices must integrate the new pieces properly to create a space conducive to work. Professionals from Pear Workplace Solutions are also experienced at helping managers create the perfect layouts that maximize the beauty of the chosen pieces. The result is a dynamic, engaging, and adaptable working environment.

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