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Reimagine the Role of Office Furniture for Colorado Springs Workplaces

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: November 18, 2014

Denver, Colorado (November 17, 2014) – Understanding how to create optimal work environments through office furniture for Colorado Springs organizations is something that Pear Workplace Solutions takes very seriously. This is why the company cultivates deep relationships with leaders in the industry who are committed to innovating and improving today’s workplaces. One of Pear's primary manufacturers, Haworth, has co-authored a new book, entitled Change Your Space, Change Your Culture: How Engaging Workspaces Lead to Transformation and Growth, which will encourage readers to reexamine the relationships between office culture, space, and furniture to create an ideal setting for their respective workforces.

The book sets out to redefine the way you think about the workplace, beginning with the way you view and use space. Contrary to looking at office space as a low-priority unit to minimize or manage, Change Your Space, Change Your Culture asserts that it's a powerful tool to increase the engagement, enthusiasm, and productivity of your employees. The book offers valuable insights that will inspire you to look at office design as a cornerstone for a revitalized office culture.

As a supplier of Colorado Springs office furniture, Pear Workplace Solutions also believes that the way you design your workplace is vital in creating a positive space for you and your employees. For example, the right furniture placement can nurture collaboration, stimulate communication, and–most importantly–embody your company's purpose and mission so that each member of your team works together towards your shared ideals.

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