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Sad Desks? Time to Upgrade Your Colorado Springs Office Furniture

Written by: Rob GandleyPosted on: December 4, 2014

Desks made out of cardboard or pizza boxes. A makeshift desk out of stocked-up plastic boxes in a closet. These are just a few of the many examples of what could be considered as the saddest desks. One of the topics that trended on Twitter last year was “#SadDesk”, where people tweeted pictures of grim work places, most often their own, which were then collated by Wired Magazine staff who chose 15 “winners” on their blog.

This hashtag, however, should not be taken lightly, as reported by Daniel Moore of The Seattle Times:

Ergonomics experts say while the #saddesk Twitter craze seemed to summon the most extreme cases of workplace blues, there is a very real undertone — and danger — to a dismal desk.

“It will undermine your feeling of self-worth,” says Alan Hedge, a Cornell University professor whose teachings and research focus on the effect of workplace ergonomics on the health, comfort and productivity of workers. “The sad thing about it is that people are putting up with these stupid designs.”

Several academic studies tie physical office space to increased productivity for the two-thirds of the nation’s workforce identified as office workers.

“People want to have an inviting, comfortable, warm environment where they can kind of just forget about comfort and focus on what they’re doing,” says Blake McGowan, managing consultant for Humantech, an ergonomics firm based in Ann Arbor, Mich.

There are several factors that could affect an employee’s productivity, which includes their office furniture in Colorado Springs. Several studies have been conducted to correlate the environment of a workspace to the quality of work of employees, such as the experiment conducted by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. Their study found that those who performed better were happier with their workspace environment than those who were at the bottom quartile.

When buying your office furniture, the technology or items you’ll be placing on your desk must be considered, wherein they have to fit well and good so you won’t end up with a cramped workspace. Then again, technology doesn’t always equate to more work done, especially not if the environment itself doesn’t encourage productivity.

However, experts agree that having a few tweaks done to your workplace doesn’t have to be expensive, since solutions for these kind of problems only require simple and straightforward actions to keep your office from joining into the growing list of sad desks. Buying used office furniture in Colorado Springs from leading companies like Pear Workplace Solutions is not a bad idea, too, because you’ll get the same quality as that of a brand new one for less.

(Source: Do sad desks lead to sad employees?, The Seattle Times, December 1, 2014)