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Set up Shop: Tips on Buying and Arranging Office Furniture in Denver

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: June 06, 2014

The nature of your business determines the type of office furniture you need for your space. If you’re opening a telemarketing firm anywhere in Colorado, for instance, you should invest in a lot of proper desks and comfortable seating for those who would be on the phone all day. Since office furniture can be quite costly in bulk, buy office furniture in Denver that you really need, and dispense with those you can do without. Below are some tips on choosing some basic furniture and fixtures ideal for most offices:

Desk and Chair
The most basic piece that just about every business use is a desk and chair set.  When it comes to seating, always choose ergonomic options so that your employees won’t develop back problems as they sit around all day. You should also consider buying more mobile pieces, so they can easily be moved around without heavy lifting or scratching noise on your floor.
Filing Cabinets
Even in the age of computers, paper documents are kept and passed around, so you’ll still need a place to store and file them efficiently. Buy cabinets that can be organized to hold paper of varying sizes— and make sure that they are well protected against theft and damage by natural forces, such as water and fires
Meeting Room Furnishings
No office setup is complete without the proper space to conduct meetings and conferences. contributor James Bucki cites a few of those furnishings that would be useful to have in your meeting hall.
  • Tables to accommodate the maximum number of people that you anticipate hosting.
  • Chairs to provide adequate seating around the tables. If your room is large enough, extra chairs could be placed around the perimeter for extra attendees.
  • White board and/or flip charts for illustrating ideas and notes
  • Projection screen for presentations
  • Additional table to hold handouts or refreshments
  • Power and data needs for presentation needs
You should also design your conference space in a way that won’t take employees’ attention away from the meeting.
Break Room Furnishings
Of course, you’ll also need to create a space for your employees in which to take a break, get refreshments or coffee to help boost their productivity. Provide a break room or mess hall complete with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, coffee pots, a few tables and sufficient seating. Do make sure that you only put enough tables to keep the space from looking needlessly crammed.
Work life in the Mile High City can be more efficient and rewarding when the workplace is designed and furnished for people to work in the most optimal conditions. Buy reliable office furniture from Denver, Colorado distributors like Pear Workplace Solutions.
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