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Taking a Stand on Office Furniture in Colorado Springs: Standing Desks

Written by: Allison MayorPosted on: July 03, 2014

Whether you’re working for a military, tourism, or technology company in Colorado Springs, chances are, you’re most likely reading this article right now in the comforts of your own chair and desk. However, recent trends involving office furniture of Colorado Springs businesses show that more and more people are realizing the value and productivity boost of working on standing desks.
Why standing desks?
On an article written in, industrial designer Chris Adams explains the many benefits of choosing standing desks:
Standing desks offer many benefits for your health and ergonomics. So break free from the chains of sitting at a desk and stand up for yourself. The first major benefit of using a standing desk is avoiding all of the negatives that make sitting at a desk bad for you.

Additionally you see improvements in a lot of other areas. Using a standing desk benefits your health dramatically. When sitting for long periods of time you suffer from a lot of metabolic problems, you don't produce chemicals necessary for processing sugars and fats and your circulation suffers. […] Additionally your muscles need to regularly flex to support healthy functions and chemical production.

Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily flexing your muscles continuously. It also keeps your blood circulating well. […]
Benefits to the Mind
Aside from these health benefits though, many offices are also seeing a significant improvement when it comes to employee productivity and creativity. Standing desks make it easier for employees to concentrate on their work, because, for one, it keeps their focus away from what might be poor ergonomic value in their chairs that typically result in backaches and other discomforts.
But Wait…
What you shouldn’t forget though, is that standing all day has its downsides. This is why while some studies showed that standing did improve productivity, the people with some of the highest productivity rates were actually those who were given a choice to sit back down when they felt like it.
Technological Advances
It’s not surprising then that many furniture companies have taken to designing desks that can be used for both sitting and standing. Darran, for instance, developed their NOT SO Square line of office desks that offer a sit/stand option. Fortunately, you can find products from this manufacturer in local office furniture stores like Pear Workplace Solutions.
Ultimately, your choice of Colorado Springs office furniture solutions will depend on what’s best for the productivity and comfort of your employees. Since these two factors are usually dependent on various factors, it’s up to you to find the perfect median between them. This way you’ll end up with satisfied employees that keep your business going stronger for longer.
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